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24 Feb 2017

DJIA Closing price: 20,821.76

Next Trading Day Forecast:


The Dow should fall on Monday. This website will reopen on march 2nd

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The Day Trading INDU Model is a proprietary computer-based model that predicts daily performances of the Dow Jones index. The D.T.I.M. is designed to support futures trading. Every day, after the closing bell, a forecast (left) is published of the likely direction of the DJIA the following day. The positions publicly taken by the model (since January 2003) produce virtual gains and losses, accounted for in the "performance" section.

The D.T.I.M. has been a “Money maker machine” in recent years, although it is not necessarily profitable on a monthly basis, requiring an appropriate money management.

In 2008 this website has gained $51,224 per Dow future traded.





DISCLAIMER: Specific and personalized investment advice is not intended by this communication.   Its contents are for the public record as a free public service.   Information is based on the analysis of past data and assessments by the models.   Future performance may not reflect past performance.   Profitable trades are not guaranteed.   No system or methodology ensures stock market profits.   No guarantee is made regarding the reliability or accuracy of data. In other words, use this stuff at your own risk!